About Converge

The word converge means to come together. In a deeper sense, the word converge means to move together towards a common focus. There is a generation of people of faith that are exhausted from all the political arguments, Christian legalism, and complete lack of love and unity. Converge Podcast Network seeks to create programs that bust down the walls of fake-unity and open up entertaining and inspirational discussions on what it truly means to be a Christian in this generation.

With a community of passionate creators and listeners we can change the world.




Our Audience

Converge reaches the
young & passionate people
of faith who are ready to make
an impact in this world.


people reached through podcasts each month.



The Converge Podcast Network provides a variety of ways to interact with the great tribe of people who listen to our podcasts. If you are looking to reach a group of young, passionate people with your product/business/organization this opportunity is for you. Click below to reach out and begin the discussion with our team today.